CNR-NOVELLA graduate research seminars, 2014-15

A great set of seminars this year: we can’t wait!

CNR-NOVELLA postgraduate research seminars, 2014-15
All seminars take place at the Library, Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Educatiom, 27-8 Woburn Square, London WC1HOAA, 5-.6.30pm, except where marked.

October 7 – Su Corcoran, Manchester University, Using narratives in Kiswahili and English to explore the experiences of reintegration of formerly street-connected children in Kenya.
Start time: 5.30pm

November 4- Dimitra Vassiliadou, University of Crete, Narrative self-analysis and melancholic state(ment)s in 19th century family letters.

December 9 – Irene Madina, Deusto University, Bilbao, Emotional education through narratives about the Basque conflict: a critical understanding of political violence.

February 3- Desiree Saddik, University of Essex and UEL, Narratives of expert witnesses.

March 3 – Anna-Lisa Fransson, Orebro University, The power of storytelling. Silence, frame-contraction and happy ending in Swedish Baltic Sea gas pipeline narration.

May 5 – Sue Chowdhry, Robert Gordon University, ‘They know best’: exploring larger women’s embodied experiences of pregnancy and childbirth.

June 2 – Anna Hulusjo, Malmo University, Narrating prostitution experience.

For further details, please email Corinne Squire:




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Corinne Squire is Professor of Social Sciences and Co-Director, Centre for Narrative Research, at University of East London

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