Living with the cuts – audiofiles available now

0% interestCNR co-organised a major research event, Living with the cuts: policy, politics and everyday lives in May 2014 at the British Library. The long list of speakers included UEL and NOVELLA researchers, NGO leaders and activists and international academics. See full list of speakers below. A review of the conference was posted on Times Higher Education section and is available here. As austerity measures continue, the messages from the conference are as relevant now as they were last year. Some of the presentations from theSale ends today conference are now available on audio. Below you will also find Power Point presentations and full papers from some of the speakers. Enjoy listening and reading, and please remember to credit the speakers wherever appropriate.

Living with the cuts abstracts and biographical notes

Living with the cuts – audio 1

Living with the cuts – audio 2

Living with the cuts – audio 3

Panel 1 Evans

Panel 1 Phoenix

Panel 1 Boddy

Panel 1 Tiessen (2)

Panel 2 Hall

Panel 2 Yuval-Davis

Panel 2 Savage

Panel 2 Shaheen

Panel 3 Jensen

Panel 3 Squire

Panel 3 Voela

Panel 3 The Drawing Shed

Panel 3 The Drawing Shed

Panel 3 Tucker

Panel 3 Harper

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