Life stories in the Jungle in the media

TABLETTI - IMG_5823By Aura Lounasmaa

Our short course, Life Stories in the Jungle, is currently on a summer break. We have had a busy year teaching the course and organising related workshops, such as the Displaces photography workshops with Gideon Mendel, Crispin Hughes and Marie Godin (for more information see here) and an art workshop with the women’s centre (see here). Our last workshop, in the beginning of June, was on accessing Higher Education in the UK and elsewhere. This workshop was organised due to popular demand by many of our students.

While the course is on a summer break, we are still keeping busy. We are planning next year’s course and presenting the course and the work by some of our students at many events across the UK. The Bridge, a film by Babak Inaloo and Ali Haghooi about the Jungle and life there was screened at the London East Film Festival on the 26 June. This week Corinne Squire and Katrine Moeller presented the course at Refugee Tales opening event, and the last presentation will be at the Oral History Society Annual Conference free public event on Friday –

We are also working currently on providing editorial assistance to a book that our students from the Jungle are writing for Pluto Press, due to be published next year.

Some recent media coverage of our course and related work includes an article in the Research Professional and a two-part radio series by Philip Coulter to CBC Ideas, links to all of these below.

Times Higher: ‘University for all’

Educating Syria – Research Professional

CBC Ideas, ‘No Man’s Land’ part 1, by Philip Coulter, featuring UfA’s Aura Lounasma

CBC Ideas, ‘No man’s land’ part 2, by Philip Coulter, featuring UfA’s Aura Lounasmaa

The course continues in the autumn. We are also planning activities that allow closer collaboration between UK universities on refugee education and access to HE. If you are interested in contributing your ideas on how universities can respond to the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and beyond, please do get in touch with us.




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Corinne Squire is Professor of Social Sciences and Co-Director, Centre for Narrative Research, at University of East London

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