CNR’s Autumn & Winter Events, 2017

CNR–TCRU Postgraduate Narrative Research Seminars, 2017-2018
All seminars take place from 5 – 6.30pm at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, 27-28 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AA.

14th November 2017

Amneris Puscasu, Thomas Coram Research Institute, UCL Institute of Education: Intergenerational narratives and academic engagement of early adolescents.

5th December 2017

Sandra Lyndon, University of Chichester: Practitioners’ narratives of poverty in the early years.

CNR Events at UEL Campus

15th November 2017, 1.30 – 2pm, UEL, USS Stratford, Room US2.40

CNR Annual General Meeting

15th November 2017, 2.30 – 4pm UEL, USS Stratford, Room US2.40

Conversation with Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, University of Stellenbosch: Recognition and Mutual Transformation: Reflecting on the Reparative Humanism of Ubuntu and Inimba.

6th December 2017, 2 – 6pm UEL, USS Stratford, Room US1.10 

A roundtable set of short talks and discussion around HIV and contemporary psychosocial issues with Dr Luis Vascon, Sanny Mulubale, and a public lecture by Prof Alan Whiteside.

‘Voices from the ‘Jungle’’ book events

16th November 2017, 5pm Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU, Edinburgh

Humanity behind the headlines: Refugee Tales & Voices from the ‘Jungle’.

19th November 2017, 1pm Idea Store Whitechapel 321 Whitechapel Rd. London, E1 1BU

Voices from the Jungle: Stories from the Calais Refugee Camp.

22nd November 2017, 5pm University of London Institute in Paris, 9-11 rue de Constantine | 75340 Paris
Voices from the ‘Jungle’ and Calais Children.

20th – 25th November 2017 Stratford Library, 3 The Grove, London, E15 1EL

Exhibition: Voices from London, Stories from Refugees and Asylum

Seekers in Calais Jungle and London

In collaboration with Deep Black, Stratford Library.


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