Postgraduate Seminar – Sharon Martinelli, University of Malta ‘No shame, no guilt. Don’t be ashamed of your story- it will hopefully inspire others’. Narratives of chronic illness

Sharon Martinelli, University of Malta
‘No shame, no guilt. Don’t be ashamed of your story- it will hopefully inspire others’. Narratives of chronic illness.

Tuesday 20th February 2018, 5 – 6.30pm
Library, Thomas Coram Research Unit,
27 – 28 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AA
Life experiences have led me to surmise that chronicity generates unique challenges for women. This in itself warrants further exploration, explication and understanding. The research question guiding this project is, ‘What are women’s experiences of living with a chronic condition in Malta?’ According to Mcleod (2015), research questions are born out of personal experience and aspiring to make a difference in practice. Subsequently, the driving force fuelling this project is my own self as a person, a woman, a daughter, a mother, a professional nurse and a counsellor, and my own illness narrative. I aim to look beyond the ‘medicalization’ and ‘pathology’ of chronic illness, to provide the time, space and opportunity to tune in with the voice of the ‘sufferer’, ‘survivor’ and/or the ‘victim’ of the illness trajectory through narrative by adopting an auto-ethnographic approach. I intend to share reflections on how illness narratives not only reflect illness experiences but also contribute to the experience and means of constructing a bridge between research and practice (Etherington, 2000).

Sharon Martinelli (Bsc Hons Nursing. Masters Counselling) is currently an Assistant Lecturer with the University of Malta, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing and She is pursuing her doctoral studies with the University of Matla Faculty of Social Wellbeing.
She is a nurse by profession, whose work has also involved management. She steered the development of a number of projects in community care services both the public arena, and in the private sector. and also led development of degree programme in nurse education in community which today she is co-ordinating. She has supported Individuals and their families in the most vulnerable times of their lives. Appreciating life, meaning and positivity are her ethos in life. ‘Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them’ (Epitectus 50-138 A.D)

For further details please contact Corinne Squire at or Carolina Guttierez Munoz, Thomas Coram Research Unit graduate partner, .


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