To Think is To Experiment – CNR’s Postgraduate Research Day

To Think is To Experiment, Postgraduate Research Day                                             

 Wednesday, 25th April, 2018, University Square Stratford


Programme of the day

10.20 – 11.00 

Siyanda Ndlovu Memorial Lecture

Afrocentric symbols of relational selves as a visual-narrative form of analysis

Sabrina Liccardo, University of Pretoria 

11.00 – 11.25

‘Why all of a sudden is my motor going a bit funny?’ A multi-level narrative analysis technique to explore illness experience.

Meredith K.D. Hawking, Queen Mary University of London

11.25 – 11.50

Practising ‘outside of the box’ whilst within ‘the system’. A feminist narrative inquiry of NHS midwives facilitating and supporting women’s unconventional birth choices in the UK.

Claire Feeley, University of Central Lancashire

11.50 – 12.10

Coffee Break

 12.10 – 12.35

‘Veteran’ Is a Three-Part Story (Narrative)

Lisa Peacock, Anglia Ruskin University

 12.35 – 13.00

The Experience of Performance Appraisal for Ethnic Minority employees in UK Organisations

Mahendra Kumar Rangoolam, University of East London

 13.00 – 14.00

Lunch Break

14.00 – 14.25

Hearing the divine in narrative

Thomas Sealey, University of Bristol

14.25 – 14.50

Bridging the ‘individual’ with the ‘socio-political’ through narrative analysis, the sociology of childhood and intersectionality: Applying an analytical framework to young women’s accounts of experiencing domestic violence and abuse in childhood.

Tanya Beetham, University of Stirling

14.50 – 15.15

The impact of 19th century narrative on 20th/21st century thought with regard to theatres and music halls

Deborah Jeffries, University of East London

 15.15 -15.30

Coffee Break

15.30 -15.55

Title to be confirmed

Charlie Azzopardi, Institute of Family Therapy Malta

15.55 – 16.20

Secrets and the Unknown: A Narrative Approach to Looking at Negation in Childbearing

Jane Rooney, Liverpool John Moores University


Evaluating the impact of recovery stories in first episode psychosis

Chanelle Myrie and Claire Thompson,

Southwark Team for Early Psychosis, South London and Maudsley NHS foundation trust

Full programme and abstracts TTITE 2018 programme and abstracts

For previous programmes, please visit 


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