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Centre for Narrative Research Spring & Summer 2018 Events

8 February 2018

Department of Psychology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

‘Naturalising HIV: The medicalisation, normalisation and marketisation of HIV in the UK’ by Corinne Squire

16 February 2018

Human Mobility and Health seminar series at University of Tampere, Finland

‘Calais Jungle’ by Aura Lounasmaa

8-11 March 2018

“Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics” Fiction and Facts in Narratives of Political Conflict (Symposium in Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics network), Norway

Papers: ‘Constructing Stories of Political Forgiveness’ by Molly Andrews               ‘Creative spaces of resistance in narratives by refugees’ by Cigdem Esin and Aura Lounasmaa

22-24 March 2018

2nd NEST (Narrative Enquiry for Social Transformation) International Conference, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Keynote by Molly Andrews

23 April 2018

Corinne Squire and Mohammed Omer Ahmed Abdelhafedh, reading from ‘Voices from the ‘Jungle”, Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H 9BX

25 April 2018

To think is to experiment, CNR’s annual postgraduate conference

University of East London, University Square, Stratford.

Please contact Cigdem Esin ( for further details.

11 May 2018

 ‘Ethics of Storytelling’ Symposium and triple book launch,

University of East London, University Square, Stratford

Triple book launch:

Hanna Meretoja, (2018) The Ethics of Storytelling: Narrative Hermeneutics, History, and the Possible (Oxford University Press)

Brian Schiff (2017)  Life and Narrative: The Risks and Responsibilities of Storying Experience (Oxford University Press)

Louie Palu . 2017 Front Towards Enemy (Yoffe Press)

31 May – 1 June 2018

Home Matters: Meanings metaphors and practices, Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland.  

‘Where the Meanings Are – ‘ Home in refugee writing and state practices’ by Corinne Squire

7-8 June 2018

‘Writing Voice and Speaking Text’, Interdisciplinary Conference, Helsinki University, Finland.

Keynote by Molly Andrews
2 July 2018 

Narrative Matters pre-conference workshop, University of Twente

‘Narratives, Agency and Social Change: analysis across disciplines’ by Molly Andrews, Cigdem Esin, Aura Lounasmaa, Corinne Squire

2-5 July 2018

Conference Narrative Matters 2018


Narrative bordering: stories tracing and traducing the margins of ‘ refugee’, within camps and states, with Cigdem Esin, Aura Lounasmaa and Corinne Squire

Negotiating narrative interdisciplinarity and modality in reflections on biomedicine, with Mark Davis, Sharon Gallagher, Sanny Mulubale and Corinne Squire:

Expectation, Experience and Master/Counter Narratives, with Molly Andrews, Mari Hatavara, Matti Hyvarinen, Maria Laakso, Ann Phoenix, Per Krogh Hansen

Narrative Otherness with Molly Andrews, Mark Freeman and Ruthellen Josselson

29 July – 5 August 2018

Imaginaries and Memories of Forced Migration: Gender and Nonviolent Struggle Symposium in Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics network) Färö Island, Sweden

Keynote by Molly Andrews

CNR’s postgraduate seminar series

20 February

Sharon Martinelli, University of Malta: No shame, no guilt:  Don’t be ashamed of your story -it will hopefully inspire others.

6 March

Emily LeRoux-Rutledge, University of Surrey: Public narratives as symbolic resources for gender and development:  A case study of women and community radio in South Sudan

8 May

Claire Feeley, University of Central Lancashire: Practising ‘outside of the box’ whilst within ‘the system’. A feminist narrative inquiry of NHS midwives facilitating and supporting women’s unconventional birth choices in the UK.


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Postgraduate Seminar – Sharon Martinelli, University of Malta ‘No shame, no guilt. Don’t be ashamed of your story- it will hopefully inspire others’. Narratives of chronic illness

Sharon Martinelli, University of Malta
‘No shame, no guilt. Don’t be ashamed of your story- it will hopefully inspire others’. Narratives of chronic illness.

Tuesday 20th February 2018, 5 – 6.30pm
Library, Thomas Coram Research Unit,
27 – 28 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AA
Life experiences have led me to surmise that chronicity generates unique challenges for women. This in itself warrants further exploration, explication and understanding. The research question guiding this project is, ‘What are women’s experiences of living with a chronic condition in Malta?’ According to Mcleod (2015), research questions are born out of personal experience and aspiring to make a difference in practice. Subsequently, the driving force fuelling this project is my own self as a person, a woman, a daughter, a mother, a professional nurse and a counsellor, and my own illness narrative. I aim to look beyond the ‘medicalization’ and ‘pathology’ of chronic illness, to provide the time, space and opportunity to tune in with the voice of the ‘sufferer’, ‘survivor’ and/or the ‘victim’ of the illness trajectory through narrative by adopting an auto-ethnographic approach. I intend to share reflections on how illness narratives not only reflect illness experiences but also contribute to the experience and means of constructing a bridge between research and practice (Etherington, 2000).

Sharon Martinelli (Bsc Hons Nursing. Masters Counselling) is currently an Assistant Lecturer with the University of Malta, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing and She is pursuing her doctoral studies with the University of Matla Faculty of Social Wellbeing.
She is a nurse by profession, whose work has also involved management. She steered the development of a number of projects in community care services both the public arena, and in the private sector. and also led development of degree programme in nurse education in community which today she is co-ordinating. She has supported Individuals and their families in the most vulnerable times of their lives. Appreciating life, meaning and positivity are her ethos in life. ‘Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them’ (Epitectus 50-138 A.D)

For further details please contact Corinne Squire at or Carolina Guttierez Munoz, Thomas Coram Research Unit graduate partner, .

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Call For Papers, To Think is To Experiment, Postgraduate Research Conference at the Centre for Narrative Research 25th April, 2018

To Think is To Experiment,
Postgraduate Research Conference at the Centre for Narrative Research
25th April, 2018, 10am – 5pm, Stratford

The Centre for Narrative Research (CNR) organises the annual Postgraduate Research Conference on 25th April 2018, at the University of East London.

We invite papers focusing on the analysis of narratives, discussing and reflecting on applications of analytical approaches, and decisions at any stage of analysis including ethical ones. We are interested in both broader qualitative approaches to analysing narratives and specific narrative models of analysis.

This is a call for papers for all postgraduate researchers who work with narratives. Participants can contribute with a paper (15-20 minutes long) or a poster. Please send an abstract (150-200 words) to Cigdem Esin, by 28th February, 2018. Applicants will hear back from us by 5th March, 2018.

To Think is to Experiment has been home to rich presentations and intense conversations on multiple aspects of narrative-based research and postgraduate research experiences. The programme and abstracts from previous years can be viewed on the link below.

To think is to experiment is an annual event attempting to open up spaces in research imagination, and invites presentations from research students in the UK and abroad.

We look forward to meeting researchers from the UK and other parts of the world this spring.

Please note that this is a free event but places are limited.
All best wishes,
CNR team

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Pictures from CNR events, Autumn 2017

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CNR’s Autumn & Winter Events, 2017

CNR–TCRU Postgraduate Narrative Research Seminars, 2017-2018
All seminars take place from 5 – 6.30pm at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, 27-28 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AA.

14th November 2017

Amneris Puscasu, Thomas Coram Research Institute, UCL Institute of Education: Intergenerational narratives and academic engagement of early adolescents.

5th December 2017

Sandra Lyndon, University of Chichester: Practitioners’ narratives of poverty in the early years.

CNR Events at UEL Campus

15th November 2017, 1.30 – 2pm, UEL, USS Stratford, Room US2.40

CNR Annual General Meeting

15th November 2017, 2.30 – 4pm UEL, USS Stratford, Room US2.40

Conversation with Professor Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, University of Stellenbosch: Recognition and Mutual Transformation: Reflecting on the Reparative Humanism of Ubuntu and Inimba.

6th December 2017, 2 – 6pm UEL, USS Stratford, Room US1.10 

A roundtable set of short talks and discussion around HIV and contemporary psychosocial issues with Dr Luis Vascon, Sanny Mulubale, and a public lecture by Prof Alan Whiteside.

‘Voices from the ‘Jungle’’ book events

16th November 2017, 5pm Assembly Roxy, 2 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU, Edinburgh

Humanity behind the headlines: Refugee Tales & Voices from the ‘Jungle’.

19th November 2017, 1pm Idea Store Whitechapel 321 Whitechapel Rd. London, E1 1BU

Voices from the Jungle: Stories from the Calais Refugee Camp.

22nd November 2017, 5pm University of London Institute in Paris, 9-11 rue de Constantine | 75340 Paris
Voices from the ‘Jungle’ and Calais Children.

20th – 25th November 2017 Stratford Library, 3 The Grove, London, E15 1EL

Exhibition: Voices from London, Stories from Refugees and Asylum

Seekers in Calais Jungle and London

In collaboration with Deep Black, Stratford Library.

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Centre for Narrative Research Annual Report, 2016-17

CNR report 2016-2017 (final)

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National Centre for Research Methods International Visiting Scholars at CNR



CNR hosted two international visiting scholars in November 2016, Jill Bradbury (University of the Witwatersrand) and Michelle Fine (CUNY), funded by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). The following programme was coordinated by Molly Andrews, Cigdem Esin, Ann Phoenix, Corinne Squire, and Liz Stanley, with Jill Bradbury and Michelle Fine.


4th November 2016, 2 – 5pm (Part of NCRM visiting scholar programme)

UEL, Docklands Campus, Room EB1.41

Workshop: Using narrative and participatory methods for social transformation With Michelle Fine (City University of New York) and Jill Bradbury (Witwatersrand University)

Fine – Hyphenating borders- slides

Bradbury – NCRM IVES workshop slides

9th & 10th November 2016, 10am – 4pm (Part of NCRM visiting scholar programme)

UEL, USS Campus, Room US2.02 (9th) and US3.08 (10th)

Colloquium: Interdisciplinary perspectives on narrative methodologies, participation, and social transformation

16th November 2016, 10.30am – 3.30pm, Thomas Coram Research Unit, 27-28 Woburn Square, Room TBA (Part of NCRM visiting scholar programme)

NCRM Day School: Bringing together narrative and participatory methods
With Jill Bradbury and Michelle Fine
Chair: Ann Phoenix

18th November 2016, 10am – 4pm, Venue TBA (Part of NCRM visiting scholar programme)

Centre for Narrative and Auto/ Biographical Studies, Edinburgh University

10am – 1pm Jill Bradbury and Michelle Fine, presenting current work
2 – 4pm Workshop on narrative and participatory methods for social transformation

Audio recordings of all four events are available on CNR’s page on UEL’s webpage

Bradbury Fine IVES event at UEL general



Papers by Jill Bradbury and Michelle Fine

Bradbury – Narrative possibilities of the past for the future

Bradbury – Echoes of the past

Bradbury – Thinking Women’s Worlds

Fine – Mapping as a method

Fine – Participatory designs for critical literacies

Fine – Just methods

Fine – Leaky privates

Relevant papers by other NCRM IVES event participants

Additional papers, Erel et al., 2017

Additional papers, Erel et al., 2017b

Additional papers, Hyvarinen, 2012

Additional papers, Hyvarinen, 2016

Additional papers, Nolas, 2011

Additional papers, Nolas, 2011b

Additional papers, Nolas et al., 2015

Additional papers, Squire, 2012 Narrative Inquiry

Additional papers, Squire, 2017 in Andrews and Goodson


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